My Funny Koala video tutorial

If you are looking for a simple project that you can make with your children and with a minimum of art supplies, this video tutorial is just what you need πŸ™‚

To make this cute little koala you need:

  • A canvas, paper or any other surface you want to paint on
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • Two or three other colors of your choice + brown (optional)
  • A soft brush and a stiff brush (or an old toothbrush)
  • Clean water and a rag or a paper towel to clean your brushes
  • Glue and a glue brush. Elmer’s glue, tacky glue or mod podge will work perfectly
  • Scissor (make sure to apply safety measures if you do it with children!)
  • Scraps of old newspaper and a piece of packing cardboard
  • A pencil
  • And a couple of hours of free time πŸ™‚
My Funny Koala video tutorial

I’m excited to see your creations on social media! Post your koalas on Facebook or Instagram with #MyFunnyKoala πŸ™‚

This project was inspired but my series My Heart Is With Australia. I made three large mixed-media koala paintings using recycled particleboard, old magazines and newspapers, and leftovers of house paints. I had so much fun working on these paintings that I decided to use this idea for a more simple parents-and-children project, so you can have fun with it too!

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