Creating memories

My son is one year old! About 10 months ago, when someone told me that it was going to be the longest days and the shortest years I didn’t believe it. All I had was long days and even longer nights. And now, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is walking! All I have from this past year are memories of moments that will never repeat again.

Although it was very difficult to find time to work, little by little, I found myself back in the studio experimenting with the new style. Guess who became my main subject?

I didn’t want to be that mom

For some reason, I thought that separating my mom-identity and my artist-identity is a good idea. I didn’t want to be the kind of mom that is obsessing over her child and puts them in the center of every aspect of her life. But I couldn’t find inspiration for painting outside my new parenting reality… Over time, I gave in and started using pictures of my son (I must have taken 12 million of them by now!) as references -and then it clicked!

Afraid of Water

“Afraid of Water” (36″x36″ canvas) was the first painting in the series. It was immediately accepted to the group show at the Art on 30th Gallery in San Diego.

It is a completely different feeling to see my baby’s first experiences on a large canvas vs. the screen of my phone! Let’s be honest, digital technology made it so much easier to capture memories but we tend to display them less frequently now than back in the days when a good shot had a lot more value. The original painting brought back that feeling of capturing the special moment. I didn’t want to stop!

First Spring

The “First Spring” (20″x20″ canvas) was the second and was accepted to another group show at the Art on 30th.

In Loving Memory

I think that painting is making my memories special because now I also have a memory of painting them. I created a folder for reference photos on my phone and it keeps growing as I’m taking new pictures and digging out some very old ones. My first trip to San Diego to visit my husband-to-be. My son’s first-year experiences. Special friends I’ve found and those I lost…

We lost Jeanie Katzeff at the end of December 2022. Her sudden passing left huge sad holes in our hearts.

Six months later, I was able to paint a portrait of her and her loving husband Hillel. 20″x20″ canvas.

Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

These portraits are a tribute to wonderful women with whom we created a supporting circle of first-time moms helping each other go through the ups and downs of the last 12 months. The paintings became gifts for their babies first birthdays. 20″x20″ and 20″x30″ canvas.

Chasing The Summer

Actually, this painting still doesn’t have a proper name. But it does have a special place in my home. I had requests to purchase it but my husband loves it so much that he asked me not to sell it. 24″x36″ canvas

Chasing the summer

There are a couple more of Gregory’s portraits and some Father’s Day commissions on my easel today. It warms my heart to know that other people want to cherish their special memories this way.

Commission for Creating Memories is open!

Reach out to me if you want your memories to be transformed into an original painting or if you are looking for a special gift for your loved one. All I need to get started is a reference photo and a 50% commission fee (non-refundable). The final price depends on the size and complexity of the painting which we will discuss ahead of time.

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