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creating memories

Creating memories

Although it was very difficult to find time to work, little by little, I found myself back in the studio experimenting with the new style. Guess who became my main subject?
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If The Orange Walls Could Talk

In the year of 2020, when the entire world was hunkering in isolation, I was obsessing over cacti and brightly colored walls typical for Latin and Mediterranean countries.
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what is success to me

What does success mean to an artist?

An an emerging artist, I often ask myself: What is my voice? Who am I as an artist? What does success mean to me? This last one, I think, I finally answered for myself. It happened when Mama Africa found its new home.
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inspiration for Mama Africa

The inspiration behind Mama Africa

I don’t know how it works for other artists, but I go through phases. They can be short or long, inspired by major ideas or little things. This summer, I was binge-listening to Trevor Noah while working in my studio.
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painting Shiva with palette knife

Painting Shiva with a palette knife

Join me at the studio and watch me paint a portrait of the Indian god Shiva based on the photo of my yoga teacher. In this video, I want to show you how I painted Shiva using a palette knife.
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Unconventional ocean pour

Unconventional Ocean Pour

How to make an acrylic pouring artwork if you don’t have acrylic paints or canvas? Watch me creating this ocean wave pour with scrap materials and leftover house paints.
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My Funny Koala video tutorial

If you are looking for a simple project that you can make with your children and with a minimum of art supplies, this video tutorial is just what you need 🙂
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