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Soul Portraits of Influential Women

This ongoing series of paintings explores the depth of the inner world of women who left a significant footprint in history beyond their official biographies, with the goal of evoking a sense of connection to and empathy with the human being behind the public persona. In the modern world, where influential women are perceived almost as exotic creatures, we tend to diminish the idea that they had feelings, desires, and tragedies that formed them, just like all of us, regardless of gender.
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My Heart Is With Australia

These three paintings of baby koalas – Oliver, Lucas, and Noah – were born in response to Australian wildfires in 2019. Made with unconventional media and recycled materials, they are a cry for saving the Earth and all innocent creatures from human irresponsible behaviors toward the planet. 50% of proceeds from this series go to the Australian Koala Foundation.
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Abstract Dreams

Abstract paintings are expressions of raw feelings – intuitive, unfiltered, unverbalized. As I teach in my Intuitive Abstract class, these paintings can be a great supplement to a therapy work or just a deeper exploration of yourself. When painting this way, every piece becomes a “compassion magnet” and touches someone else’s heart.

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Looking for custom artwork? Whether you want to spruce up your living space or make a meaningful gift to an influential woman in your life, the original work of art is always a win!
Custom work starts at $400 (with a 50% upfront deposit) and might take up to 6 weeks, depending on size and complexity.

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Tees, hoodies, phone cases, yoga mats and more! You can find various products with my paintings in my Sociaety6 store.
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