M&M | Print on Paper | Open Edition


  • Number of copies: unlimited
  • Paper: Archival watercolor paper, 100% Cotton
  • Finish: matboard, backboard
  • Series: Orange Walls


About the M&M painting:

The M&M painting is a part of the Orange Wall series.

A huge opuntia cactus at the bright, worn-out orange wall. Someone has left a signature (or a sign of affection?) on the wall.

About the print series:

This is the open edition print series printed on archive quality paper.

Shows & recognitions:

The painting has been displayed at the #Obsessed show at Ashton Gallery in San Diego, CA. March-April 2021

About The Orange Wall series:

The Orange Wall series is inspired by nature and towns in Mexico. All paintings depict a moment of the irrational impulse of someone leaving a mark on the wall. We will never know the reason and motives behind that action, and we might even be annoyed by it. For us, the perfectly-bright and colorful spot were forever spoiled by meaningless writing. But for someone else, it had been the only way to express themselves at the moment of emotional overwhelm.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 2 in

8"x12" with 11"x14" mat, 12"x18" with 16"x20" mat


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